Welcome to Konelabra

The new loft office located in Kamppi.

The journey begins today. An opportunity for a unique loft office in the center of Helsinki. Opening in 2024.

The property

Konelaboratoratory and part of Sähkölaboratory were built in 1925/1933 originally constructed for the University of Technology, and were pivotal structures for Finland’s technological advancement. Following World War II, the University relocated, and the Helsinki Technology School took over, eventually becoming the school of Metropolia.

In 2018, amidst evolving city plans favouring residential use, the buildings sat empty.

In 2024, a new real estate development project named Konelabra will revitalise the space into a modern loft office, preserving its historical importance while introducing contemporary elements. This renovation aims to create a vibrant hub for workers, blending the past and present.


Redevelopment year


Built (Sähkölaboratorio)


Built (Konelaboratorio)

Eerikinkatu 32-36, Kamppi, Helsinki

Experience the ultimate convenience of urban work just steps away from the Kamppi Metro Station and bustling Hietalahti Market Hall.

Your perfect workday loft office awaits, surrounded by all the essentials of a good work and life balance. You can indulge in the vibrant culinary scene with local lunch spots, or embrace the lively atmosphere of the Kamppi Shopping Mall during your breaks.

You’ll have everything you need to effortlessly elevate your daily commute and enhance your routines in between work and life at home.

Is this just an office? There's so much more to explore.

The amenities

Your office space is tailored to your needs, while being enhanced by the additional services that are available. How about a lunch break on the rooftop, or spending an evening in a unique tower sauna within the premises?

Commuting to work by bicycle is made easy with dedicated indoor bicycle parking, and showers to be fresh for the work day. Car parking places are available as well.

Just let us know and we’ll create a unique package for your office work needs.

Rooftop Terrace

Tower Sauna

Indoor Bike Parking




How has sustainability
been considered in the design?

Restorative Architecture

Our approach isn’t to demolish. We preserve and improve the space to thrive beyond its 100 years of history.

Restorative architecture goes beyond functionality and beauty. It prioritises the needs of people using the space with well being, sustainability, and a seamless integration with nature and culture. The goal is to craft spaces that enhance quality of life and enrich the experiences of those who inhabit them.

We’re targeting high end energy class and a modern solution combined with restoring the old. Solar panels, cooling, LED light and more.

Solar energy


Water saving

Renewable energy

Carbon-free waste

Energy certificate

Looking for a new office space?

We’re offering premises from 30 sqm to over 1 000 sqm for your company. 

These are all fit for purpose and ready for when you need it!

612 sqm

3rd floor tekstiililaboratorio connecting to the 4th floor puulaboratorio is impressive. Wooden floor and internal staircase makes this premise unique.

441 sqm

Traditional interwine with contemporary spatial design in the converted classrooms of the former paper laboratory.

30-150 sqm

Small office units in the heart of the building! One or many to be combined.

300 sqm

First floor cozy restaurant space in an unique athmosphere! Ready to be tailored to impress.

290 sqm

In need of an auditorium? We have it just for you! Short term or long term, it's all possible.


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